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How Commercial Damage Can Affect Your Business | SERVPRO® of Van Nuys South

6/16/2022 (Permalink)

a large commercial building with extensive damage to roof and siding SERVPRO of Van Nuys South is your local commercial disaster team. Contact us to learn more about our commercial damage restoration services.

In the United States, we pride ourselves on the success of our businesses and our economy. Every single person utilizes a business, or multiple, in daily life.

The men and women who run our country’s businesses have a lot to handle, from managing daily operations to handling the complex economics of the company that customers never see. So when a disaster strikes, it can really put a damper on the business and have dire consequences for the owners.

We’ve witnessed a steady increase in natural disaster damage as time goes on. The NCEI reported that over the last five years in the United States, there was approximately $153 billion worth of damage annually, which is a meaningful jump from the last period of data.

Thankfully, we’ve collected some important information on the most common causes of commercial damage around the country, and we hope that it can help you better prepare your business for a disaster.

Water Damage

High levels of moisture and water are constantly a threat to businesses in every part of our country. These issues can arise from nature or can be manmade or a result of a simple appliance malfunction, but every kind of water damage is capable of doing serious destruction.

When flooding begins outside the structure, like a flash flood, water will often find its way inside through the seals on the doors and windows. If possible, it’s a good idea to landscape your surrounding area so that it directs water away from the building, as prevention is always the best way to reduce damage.

However, water damage doesn’t always happen quickly, as minor leaks inside the building can cause major problems over time. It’s smart to routinely check your plumbing for leaks, and your walls and floors for warping or change in color.

Storm Damage

Storms are the next leading cause of damage to businesses, and it’s because the destruction can be widespread. While most leaks only damage one building, a storm has the potential to destroy entire blocks of businesses.

Even small storms are able to disrupt the power grid and tear trees out of the ground that can wreak havoc on a building’s structure. More powerful storms are capable of ripping commercial roofing off and even doing irreversible structural damage to the property.

It is true that most storms have winds ranging between 10 to 45 mph, and these winds usually cause minor damage. But strong storms like the kind we see during spring and summer can create winds of over 100 mph. Storms like these will frequently pull walls down and even throw vehicles around like toys.

Many businesses opt for storm-protective window and door covers or strengthening the roof, but preventive tactics like these can become expensive very quickly.

Fortunately, you can also perform simple tasks to better prepare for storms and reduce the potential for destruction and costly repairs. This includes checking the seals on your windows and doors and inspecting your building’s plumbing regularly as acts of prevention.

Before a storm, it can also be helpful to take time to clear your property of any potential hazards that could uproot and hit people or property.

Know Who to Call

Commercial damage happens in many different ways, but water and storm damage are the most common in the United States. Unfortunately, these events frequently cause businesses to close for repairs, and can even force a permanent closure if the business owner is unable to overcome the damage.

We understand this and to help we offer 247 availability so that we can be there whenever you may need us. Our restoration professionals will walk you through every step and help you develop the right restoration plan for your business’ needs.

If you have experienced damage to your business or want to learn more about our commercial damage restoration services, contact us today. We’re here to act fast, 247.

Have You Properly Planned for Severe Storms? | SERVPRO® of Van Nuys South

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

a dark cloudy sky with lighting strikes off in the distance If you discover storm damage to your home or business, reach out to SERVPRO of Van Nuys South right away

During the warmer months, severe weather becomes increasingly common. Things like lightning, floods, winds and hail all put you and your home at risk. These weather events are extremely common, and in fact, there are around 100,000 thunderstorms throughout the United States every year, so these storms are happening all the time.

In California, specifically Van Nuys, many people disregard the potential risks of storms. These people have the mindset that their area is largely unaffected by storms, but we know that’s not the truth.

Our geography makes windstorms one of the most dangerous events, with this instance from last year that caused road closures and power outages in mere moments.

It would be nice to hit a button and get rid of any dangerous weather, but unfortunately, we can’t do that. However, we can and should prepare for storms. Build an emergency kit, plan a good strategy for communication and take action to be ready for when storms strike near Van Nuys.

Your Severe Weather Communication Strategy

As they often say “communication is key,” and this is especially true during dangerous weather. By knowing where your loved ones are, you can focus on yourself and everyone that is in the home instead of being distracted.

Second, it’s a smart idea to have multiple ways to receive weather alerts from officials. Television works great, but storms often knock out the signal, and cellphones always seem to run out of battery right when you need it most. An NOAA weather radio with spare batteries close by is your best bet to stay informed.

Finally, creating a communication strategy between the people in your household is crucial. This includes designating a room in the home to take shelter in, ideally in the center of the home with no windows nearby.

Your Severe Weather Emergency Kit

Planning for severe weather also includes having the essentials for survival. This includes nonperishable food, an excess of water, batteries, first-aid supplies and flashlights that aren’t your phone.

You should keep at least 72 hours worth of supplies because you never know how long you might have to shelter.

These kits should be kept in your designated safe room so that you can access them when you take shelter. By taking this extra step, you will be more prepared for the potential disasters that come from storms.

Your Severe Weather Aftermath Checklist

After the extreme weather is over, you should take a few additional steps in order to stay prepared for the next event. Taking account of how your planning and strategy worked or didn’t work will allow you to improve it and stay ready.

Lastly, once it’s safe to exit the home with your family, take some time and check your property for damage.

While we hope that your home never suffers damage, it’s important that you know who to call when it does. Your local restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Van Nuys South have a trusted reputation with over 50 years of restoration experience. We provide service day and night so that we can be there immediately to start solving the problems.

Finally, after assessing your home for damage, it’s always good to go through your safety plan and look for ways to improve. Explore where things went wrong, or what things went right, and build on that for the next time you face extreme weather. Taking these steps, and calling your local experts, can help you stay safe and keep your home or business in working order

If you discover storm damage to your home or business, you can count on SERVPRO to handle the restoration. We’re here 247 to spring into action—get in touch with us today.

Improve Your Fire Prevention With Simple Techniques | SERVPRO® of Van Nuys South

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

interior view of a room with items completely destroyed by fire If your home is damaged in a house fire, SERVPRO of Van Nuys South is here to help. Contact us for any fire restoration need.

The risk of fires in our country continues to rise, and in fact, so far this year the American Red Cross has attended to over 20,000 house fires, which still only represents a small fraction of the total fires in the United States in 2022.

Smoke detectors continue to hold the top spot in terms of preventing loss of life and fire damage, but there are multiple other steps you can take to give you added protection. Some are more extensive than others, but many of them are relatively simple.

Cleaning Your High-Risk Areas

When it comes to your house, there are certain areas that stay hotter than others because of the appliances or features of the home in that area. Some of these zones include air vents, the fireplace and chimney, and especially the kitchen.

It’s important that you keep these areas clear of any blockages or excessive dust to reduce the risk of a fire.

The water heater is another high-risk area in your home. The outside boiler of the device gets so hot that it can ignite clothing, cardboard and paper with relative ease. Keeping this area clear and open allows proper airflow, and keeps flammable objects away from high levels of heat.

Dusty outlets and appliances are two other common sources of fire in the home. These spots get packed with dust that needs only a small spark to become a massive problem.

Create a Defensible Space in Your Yard

Fires that begin outside can spread by over 14 miles per hour. When they come knocking at your door, your yard is the last thing standing between your home and destruction.

Recently, there have been innovative landscaping methods that protect your home from the spread of outdoor fires and allow firemen to work with plenty of space while trying to work.

These techniques have been so useful, in fact, that states like California are imposing defensible zone requirements for yards, so following suit might also be a smart idea for you.

However, following these techniques doesn’t prevent you from tending to the garden and planting new flowers in your beds—they focus on placing plants in specific locations to prevent the fire from expanding.

The fire will weaken with the flammable objects spread further apart, so you should take the time and clear out any dead plants or leaves that could become fuel during a fire.

Keep It Clean & Keep It Safe

In addition to maintaining your appliances and yard, setting a good cleaning routine can help you limit fire hazards. Set a block of time, roughly a week, that you will spend a bit of time each day working on it. This will help lighten the load and accomplish it piece by piece.

However, taking steps toward fire prevention doesn’t have to be a complex regimen. Easy jobs like dusting regularly can help reduce the risk of a fire. Focus heavily on dust near any appliance or outlet, as these are likely spots for dust fires to begin.

If you have experienced fire damage or want to learn more about our fire damage restoration services, contact us today. We’re here to act fast, 247.

How Water Damage Affects Your Home or Business Over Time | SERVPRO® of Van Nuys South

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

a bathroom sink showing signs of a water leak SERVPRO of Van Nuys South is your 24/7 water restoration expert. Call us right away if you need immediate service.

When moisture spreads inside the walls and floors of your home, the events can be disastrous. Many homeowners overlook the clear indicators that water damage is taking place, like a leaky faucet or water spots on the walls and ceilings.

Household leaks don’t seem overly important, but an average household leak can waste up to 10,000 gallons of water in a year.

Weather-related problems may not seem like a huge problem in California, but manmade water damage often does just as much destruction as natural disasters. So while you may not have to worry about hurricanes, a leaky pipe could be slowly degrading your home or business.

Excessive moisture allows the damage to progress rapidly by seeping into walls, floors and any soft surface. Identifying the problem and handling it immediately is the only way to produce the best results at the cheapest cost to you.

We’ve compiled a timeline of how water damage affects your home:

In the First 24 Hours

If you live in a house in a high-risk area, there is a one in four chance of a flood damaging your home within a 30-year period. Knowing what to do next is essential.

Once water damage affects you, it’s important to act quickly during the initial 24 to 48 hours to protect your home from further destruction. There are many items located in the home that will immediately be at risk of damage.

Soft furniture, carpet, rugs and upholstery will absorb water fast. Wooden structures, supports and furniture will begin to soak through and can end up swelling drastically.

Unfortunately, many personal items like clothing, books, photos and documents are especially vulnerable to the effects of water.

It’s best to keep these items located in waterproof containers or higher on shelves and in closets to reduce the risk of losing them. If you aren’t prepared and your personal belongings do suffer water damage, it’s essential to act quickly.

Our SERVPRO experts specialize in restoring your items instead of merely replacing them, which can save you money while protecting your precious valuables. If there is anything that we cannot restore, you’ll be notified immediately and these items will be removed to prevent the spread of moisture.

Within the First Week

Once the water has been present for longer than 24 hours, the damage accelerates and goes deepr into your building. Mold growth can explode at this point when excessive moisture is left unaddressed, potentially affecting your home’s structure.

Even worse, any porous surfaces like drywall, wood flooring, studs and walls will lose structural integrity and be at an increased risk of collapse. Metal surfaces, piping and appliances will begin to corrode and suffer severe damage during this period as well.

After One Week

After water and excessive moisture has been left to sit for extended periods, there will likely be catastrophic damage to your belongings and potentially to the structure of your home. Many homes that are left to suffer in water for this long have irreversible damage.

As time goes on, the costs and efforts to restore the structure will increase significantly, and the risks associated with structural damage are much greater.

How SERVPRO Will Help

At SERVPRO, our unique restoration process will begin with a phone call, ideally inside the 24-hour mark. We then begin our service work by thoroughly extracting any standing water inside or around the home.

This step helps stop moisture from spreading further into your home, and reduces the overall drying time.

Odds are that floors, furniture and any other affected belongings, like clothes, will need a deep-cleaning, sanitizing and deodorization. Once we have removed as much water as possible, we send in our expert specialists with industry-leading equipment that can remove the water you can’t see.

After these initial steps, your home may need construction work to get your property back to its preloss condition. This step could include minor repairs or rebuilding entire areas of your home.

By choosing SERVPRO, we’re able to simplify the restoration process for you like no one else. We handle both the initial damage mitigation, and tackle the rebuilding of any affected areas.

We know that your input is important, so we keep you up to date through every step of the process. As always, our main goal is to have you back in your newly restored home or business as soon as possible.

Regardless of the type of water damage sustained, SERVPRO has the tools and teams to help your home or business recover. Contact us 247 when you need a dependable team to help you recover.

The Fire Safety Tips You Need for the Warmer Months | SERVPRO® of Van Nuys South

4/21/2022 (Permalink)

fire embers flickering from a fire at night SERVPRO of Van Nuys South is your local restoration team. Contact us to find out more about our restorative services.

Warmer weather is a time for fun, but it’s also important to make sure that you, your family and your home are prepared for fire safety.

It’s a fact that spring sees more daily fires on average than any other time of year.. Think about it: Many of the things we enjoy most in the spring and summer involve fire.

But the good news is: You can take steps to protect yourself. Start here:

The grill. Warmer weather months usually have more frequent grill-related fire injuries than any other time. It’s important to take extra steps to prevent fire risk at your home when you’re cooking outdoors. Make sure that the grill is in good working condition, have it placed at least three feet away from everything and clean it before each use. The cleaning part is particularly important, since almost 20% of grill fires are due to poor cleaning.

Fire pits. It might seem like a good idea to take a quick, cozy nap in front of the fire pit, but the truth is, it’s dangerous. Stay alert and aware around fire. Be sure to keep a bucket of water nearby, or drag a water hose close to the pit. You should also keep your fire pit three feet away from anything that can catch fire, and finally, put the fire out slowly to avoid scattering embers.

Chimneys and dryer vents. Yearly maintenance on your home can save you so much time and money. The spring and summer months offer a good time to get that done, particularly when it comes to your fireplace. Your chimney and your dryer vent hose should be cleaned at least once a year. These places hide potential fire hazards, and if you take these extra precautions, you are possibly doing some lifesaving maintenance.

At SERVPRO, we have technicians ready and waiting, no matter the cause of fire, to take care of the cleanup and treat your family and property with respect. Contact SERVPRO of Van Nuys South today to talk with a specialist.

How To Replace a Toilet

3/2/2022 (Permalink)

Plumber replacing broken toilet in a washroom Over time, a leaking toilet can cause problems and require help from a water damage specialist.

What Is The Best Way To Replace A Toilet?

Over time, a leaking toilet can cause problems and require help from a water damage specialist. Sometimes you can remedy the situation by replacing a faulty component. However, if your toilet repair is unsuccessful, replacing the entire unit may be your only option. Although the task may seem intimidating, the process is typically straightforward. Following a few essential guidelines can help you successfully accomplish this home improvement project.

Measure Before You Begin

Before installing a different commode, you should verify that the new device can fit into the allocated space. To accomplish this, complete a few important measurements:

  • Distance from the back wall to the floor bolts
  • Space between the current bowl and side walls
  • Distance from the tank to water supply lines

Remove Existing Toilet

Disconnecting a leaking toilet can be messy. To minimize water seepage, you should complete the following steps:

  • Turn off the water supply
  • Flush commode to remove fluid
  • Absorb remaining liquid with a sponge
  • Place a bucket under tank before removing supply line

To disassemble your old toilet, unscrew the tank from the bowl. Then, loosen and remove the nuts holding the unit to the floor and place the detached commode on a garbage bag. You should also remove the old wax ring and any excess wax remaining along the top of the drain.

Set up New Toilet

Before connecting your new unit, you should install new floor bolts and place a new wax ring on the base of the toilet outlet. Then, lower the bowl over the new bolts, pushing it straight down to prevent ring damage. Once the base is firmly in place, secure the nuts. To prevent cracks, avoid overtightening.

After installing the base, carefully attach the tank. You should ensure the unit is level, and then reconnect the water supply. Before finalizing the project, verify the absence of leaks and adjust components as necessary.
A Simple Project

Replacing an old, leaking toilet with a new model doesn’t have to be a hassle. Measuring before commencing the project and taking steps to minimize water seepage can help every homeowner in Van Nuys South, CA, efficiently accomplish the task.

How Does Heavy Rain Cause Sewage Backup?

3/1/2022 (Permalink)

Overflowing broken toilet The reason that a sewer backup happens is that the city sewage lines are often overflowing with rain water after a storm

What Causes Sewage Back-Up When It Rains A Lot?

You were already worried about flooding from a heavy storm, but suddenly from the lower levels or basement of your building, you catch the tell-tale stench of contaminated water. You have a sewer backup, but how do backups happen after storms? How can you prevent your Van Nuys South, CA, sewer lines from flooding your building?

1. Too Much Rain Water

The reason that a sewer backup happens is that the city sewage lines are often overflowing with rain water after a storm. Because the sewage lines cannot contain any more water, they begin to back up into everything from sinks to bathtubs, and they can overflow with disturbingly odious contaminated water. Sometimes, the problem is mild, and sometimes, it can be severe enough to require evacuation of a building.

2. When Older Buildings Suffer

Older buildings are particularly vulnerable to more severe flood damage and backup from the sewer. Soil erosion and soil softening can make the foundations of older buildings more vulnerable, and the pipes often have less integrity. A backup can lead to a pipe bursting or can seep through weakened foundations to completely flood the basement level of a building.

3. Play It Safe

If you have contaminated water coming up through your drains, don’t try to brush it off. Do not try to use the faucets. Exit the building and immediately contact the city to let them know the city’s main sewer lines are compromised and backing up into your building.

4. Keep It Clean

One of your first priorities after dealing with sewer backup should be cleanup once the sewer mains have stopped overflowing. If you need to hire professionals to ensure sanitation, they may be able to provide you with more intensive options for deep cleaning and removing any contaminated water. Contaminated water can lead to mold growth, so be careful when entering the building after a sewage backup flood.

Garage Flood Removal Made Easy

3/1/2022 (Permalink)

flooding car in basement carpark at condominium If your business suffers flood damage after a storm, give SERVPRO a call. Our team of flood damage experts will restore it efficiently.

Getting Rid Of A Garage Flood Is Simple

Having a garage in your business building makes life easier for you and your employees. It gives you storage space for extra supplies, a place to park company vehicles to protect them from the weather in Lake Balboa, CA, and in general more square footage for operations. Unfortunately, these useful additions, like every other part of your business building, aren’t immune to flooding. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to get your garage water-free again in no time:

  • Install a sump pump and other equipment beforehand
  • Use a trash pump to remove water
  • Call the pros for help

Installing a Sump Pump

There’s no cure like a bit of prevention, especially when it comes to taking care of your business building. Sump pumps act as a preventative measure for spaces that are likely to flood. These pumps are typically installed in special spaces in garage floors called “sump pits.” They’re used to prevent additions like these from flooding in the first place by pumping out invading water as needed to keep floors dry.

Trash Pump

A trash pump is a piece of equipment that can be used to pump out massive amounts of water from a space whenever the need arises. These pumps aren’t just limited to liquid wastes, however. They also handle solid waste and other issues so you’re sure to get the full removal work you need. This equipment isn’t installed in a space beforehand like a sump pump is, being used as a form of treatment rather than prevention.

Professional Assistance

If you’re not comfortable running either a sump or trash pump on your own, you always have the option to call in the professionals to take care of your business’s garage flooding issue. They have both the equipment and knowhow to take care of the problem in a hurry, so you’ll get your space back as soon as possible.

Regardless of whether you live in an area with high flood risk or an area with practically no flood threat at all, it’s always a good idea to consider one of these options before inclement weather hits. That way you’re prepared whenever an emergency arises.

Landlords Have Insurance, Tenants Should Too

2/3/2022 (Permalink)

Burned Contents Of Home Fire Your policy should cover the actual fire, the water damage from dousing the flames and the soot damage that can harm items that do not actually burn.

Landlords Are Covered By Insurance; Tenants Should Be As Well.

Lots of people think that insurance is only for homeowners, but they are wrong. When you choose to rent rather than own a home in Van Nuys South, CA you need to consider protecting yourself with renters insurance as well. Property landlords have insurance that cover their buildings but it does not always cover their tenants. It is best to take the time to research insurance options for you and your personal property that will be kept or stored in the landlords' buildings. Here are four things to consider when choosing a policy.

1. Fire Damage

Make sure the insurance you purchase provides protection in the event of fire damage. Your policy should cover the actual fire, the water damage from dousing the flames and the soot damage that can harm items that do not actually burn.

2. Medical Reimbursement

Make sure the renters insurance coverage that you select includes reimbursement of medical costs for you and your visitors. Some policies only cover your physical property and neglect to protect you or your friends and family if there is an injury in your home.

3. Coverage Limits

Some insurers can put a limit on exactly how much they will pay to replace your damaged items versus the actual value of the items, or how much the insurer will pay towards fire restoration services and cleanup. Check the coverage values before you sign the policy.

4. Liability

Check if you will be covered if you cause a fire as well as if it is caused by negligence or through the actions of another person. Making sure fire damage is covered regardless who caused the fire is important to know before a catastrophe hits.

Don't miss the opportunity to protect you, your visitors and your property when leasing your home. Renters insurance in Van Nuys South, CA can be a lifesaver if you get the right policy.

How SERVPRO Helps During a Disaster

2/3/2022 (Permalink)

A specialist is removing water damage in a home Call SERVPRO when you need help. Our technicians take great pride in the work they do, and they finish the job looking sharp.

How SERVPRO Can Assist In A Disaster

When disaster strikes, rebuilding can be a daunting task. If a storm has caused catastrophic loss in Lake Balboa, CA, SERVPRO is a great company to depend on. Here are a few reasons why you should rely on them during a large-scale emergency.

1. They Have a Large Number of Franchise Locations

If there has been flooding and there is a lot of damage that needs to be repaired, SERVPRO can call on locations across the country to assist in rebuilding and restoration work. This can cut down on repair times and prevent the damage from spreading or getting worse. With over 1,700 locations nationwide, there will always be help available.

2. They Are Available 24 Hours a Day

When there has been a catastrophic loss, waiting is not an option. SERVPRO is available 24 hours a day so you can always get the assistance that you need. They can be on the site quickly to begin the restoration process right away.

3. They Do the Job Right

During a crisis, especially if there has been catastrophic loss, you want to begin restoration as soon as possible. While getting the work done quickly is important, you also want to make sure it is done correctly. Using a reliable company with competent workers is a must. SERVPRO uses highly-trained and experienced professionals to do all repairs, so you know you can trust them to do the job well.

Starting and finishing the restoration process as quickly as possible is important when there has been a lot of storm damage that has affected a large area. You want residents to be able to return to their normal lives as soon as they can.

When you choose an emergency restoration company like SERVPRO that takes pride in their ability to do good work in a timely manner, you can feel confident that you are making the right choice.